Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation. Shape and size of the breasts can considerably influence the bodily awareness of a woman, and her living quality. The ideal Bosom - symmetrical, firm, round and natural looking - is the dream of many women. They want to improve their living quality with an attractive bust and to express their whole personality and femininity . Through breast augmentation, an individual improvement of the breast form and consistency can be achieved.

The goal of breast augmentation is to achieve, in most cases a natural looking bust in the desired size. Awareness of the form and size of the existing breast and the careful selection of implant size and position can achieve the desired results in a secure manner. Safe OP-Technology and routine medical interventions guarantee a sustainable and aesthetic result of breast augmentation.

Quality comes into play in the first stage of the breast implant process. I use only high-quality implants from renowned companies. These are filled with a cohesive, non-liquid silicone gel that is both leak-proof and also holds the breast in the desired form. These implants offer the best compatibility and constancy of form over many years. After breast augmentation you will receive an implant pass with the exact information about the implant and its location.

Implant size and shape
In a calm and detailed consultation we will discuss your personal wishes for your breast augmentation and take into account your individual circumstances and anatomy. We offer round and anatomically shaped (oval, teardrop shaped) implants in various sizes.

Implant position
Depending on personal circumstances an implant can be positioned in the mammary gland (sub glandular, epipectoral) or under the major pectoralis muscle (sub-muscular, subpectoral) leading to a more natural, aesthetic result. Sometimes also a small breast lift is useful.

Implant position above the chest muscle (subglandular)
For patients with sufficient tissue covering, this implant position leads to a very natural result. Event with chest deformities such as tubular breasts, this may be the better implant position. A mammogram can be a little difficult in such cases, so an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging for the evaluation of the mammary gland can be performed.

Implant position below the breast muscle
This method is advantageous for very thin patients with little breast tissue because it leads to a better coverage of the implant. The implant is so well covered by the body's own tissue and is therefore not palpable. The widely quoted ‘low rate of capsular fibrosis’ with this implant has not been scientifically proven. A mammography is still feasible.

Access route for breast augmentation and scarring
You can select one of three different routes for breast augmentation:

Through the lower breast fold (inframammary)
Using a small and barely visible cut, these implants will be positioned over or under the muscle with the best visibility and control. A small, barely visible scar remains in the crease below the breast. If over the years, a correction operation is necessary, this would be the usual access route to the implant, so there are no additional scars.

Through the nipple edge (periareolar)
In this method, the implant can be positioned either below or above the muscle tissue. The scars are almost invisible. Additional chest tightening or reductions of the nipple are possible with this approach with minimal scaring. This access route cannot interfere with the existing ability to breastfeed.

Through the armpit (transaxillary)
Here a small cut is made on the edge of the armpit fold, above which the implant is inserted for breast enlargement. This is usually controlled endoscopically i.e. under direct vision, to avoid bleeding and incorrect positioning of the implant. There will be no scarring of the chest.

Because every woman has different requirements for a breast augmentation, I will advise you personally and individually, which method is the best for your body.

The operation is carried out in smooth, stationary conditions, under a general aesthetic and takes between 1-2 hours. The stay in our clinic is usually 1-2 days. In most cases a drip can be avoided. Through a matched treatment regime, the post-surgery symptoms are very minor. A special brasier is worn for a few weeks after the breast augmentation in order to enable the most attractive result. Although movement is allowed after the surgery, intensive sports should be avoided for several weeks. The stitches used will dissolve naturally in a few weeks, eliminating the sometimes painful procedure of pulling them out. Regular follow up meetings are naturally available until everything has healed to your satisfaction.

For every operation:

Do not take blood thinning drugs such as aspirin, ASS, Plavix, Warfarin etc, 14 days before the elective surgery!

Do you still have questions? I am happy to discuss these with you in peace and great detail in a free consultation.

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