Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction. Inverted nipples are nipples characterised by a reduction in the milk ducts that moves steadily inwards. For this reason the nipple cannot become erect.

hrough a small intervention in the nipple edge, it is possible to permanently erect the sunken nipples. Sometimes this is achieved using a special technique even without making a proper incision. Breast feeding is very limited or impossible for women with inverted nipples. This can be improved in some cases through the operational erection of the nipple.

Nipples that are too large can be corrected and scaled with little effort and very inconspicuous scars. These interventions usually last about 1 hour and can usually be done on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia.

For every operation:

Do not take blood thinning drugs such as aspirin, ASS, Plavix, Warfarin etc, 14 days before the elective surgery!

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