Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery. No body part is so present in life as the face. The marks of age are nowhere so visible as in the face. Here a person's experience, personal character and their whole life is reflected. Ageing is a natural and dignified process. Many people are, however still disturbed by the external signs of ageing. They notice the loss of elasticity in the skin, the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of volume in the cheeks and often the build up of a double chin or saggy neck.

A firming facial operation should provide a fresher and younger appearance. These effects must be on the one side sustainable and long-lasting, and on the other side the solution should never be mask-like (resulting in the loss of personal facial features). Friends and relatives should be able to recognise the vitality and fresh expression, but not the operation.

There are different methods for the different problem zones. In an individual consultation, your expectations, personal requirements and the possibilities of surgical corrections can be fine tuned to achieve optimal results that meet your needs.

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