Eyelid Correction

Eyelid Correction. Bright eyes encourage sympathy and convey joy. It is the eyes that give the face its own individual character. Heavy eyelids surrounded by folds of excess skin make people look tired. Distinctive eye bags make one look unrested and overworked. On the other hand, beautiful, large eyes without wrinkles give a lively, fresh and youthful appearance. Lege Artis offers a relatively harmless intervention, the possibility to effectively tighten the eyelid and carefully and sustainably remove any excess fat.

Upper Eyelid Correction

Upper Eyelid Correction. This is the most commonly performed surgery in plastic and aesthetic surgery on middle-aged or older patients. Sometimes it is not the excess skin of the upper eyelids, but the deep-set eyebrows that are the real problem. This must be differentiated before the operation.

The upper eyelid surgery lasts approximately 1-1,5 hours, and is performed under local anaesthetic on an outpatient basis. A sedative is also available. If you wish, or if additional measures must be carried out, this procedure can also be performed under a general anaesthetic. Excess skin in the upper eyelid is removed. The amount of skin removed will be accurately measured before surgery. Usually excess fat is also removed from the upper eyelid. This as a whole, has become more reserved, in order not to create hollow looking eyes. After surgery, you will remain under surveillance for about 2 hours. If everything is OK you can then go home. You should be accompanied on your way home, and should not drive.

The upper eyelid skin heals very well. Usually, upon the removal of the stitches after 5 days, only a very fine line is to be seen. In addition, the scars are positioned in the natural skin folds, making them virtually invisible. After surgery, you should sleep with a slightly raised upper body, and gently cool the eyelids several times a day. The painkillers you will receive after surgery should be a sufficient dose for this period.

For one week after your surgery, it is good to reserve time for yourself and not participate in any social events. After this time, the skin discolouration has usually worn off, or can be easily covered with make-up.

After surgery your eyes will once again emit a wider range of expression and show your freshness and vitality again.

Of course, you will remain under our care until everything has healed to your satisfaction.

Lower Eyelid Correction

Lower Eyelid Correction. Operations on the lower eyelids are a little more complex. The examination prior to surgery focuses on the quality and quantity of the existing skin on the lower lid. One must also assess the elasticity of the eyelid and the presence of "puffiness", i.e. an excess of fatty tissue or sagging orbital septum.

On the lower lid, usually only very little skin is removed, to prevent the formation of an ectropion (drooping eyelid, turned outwards). A little fat is dissected gently and removed or moved, as needed, toward the tear duct. Sometimes it is necessary to tighten the skin and underlying muscle to the outer corner of the eye. This is customised for you based on your needs, and decided after a detailed consultation with you.

For the lower eyelid, or the simultaneous operation of both the upper and lower eyelids, we recommend a short general anaesthetic.

Swelling and fluid retention is more likely after an operation on the lower eyelid than the upper eyelid. Therefore, the use of cooling packs and decongestants is advised.

For every operation:

Do not take blood thinning drugs such as aspirin, ASS, Plavix, Warfarin etc, 14 days before the elective surgery!

Do you still have questions? This procedure can be easily combined with other interventions in order to achieve additional rejuvenation of the face. I am happy to discuss these with you in peace and great detail in a free consultation.

We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information about eyelid corrective surgery on your request.

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