Lip Correction

Lip Correction. Full, round lips are a sign of female sensuality. Many women strive for this ideal of beauty. Even small nuances in the shape and proportions affect the appearance of the lips. Often there are also additional lines in the vermilion (red area of the lip), which disturb the overall appearance. The formation and enlargement of the lips should look as natural as possible. Excessive or overly padded lips look unnatural.

In order to achieve an aesthetic change in form, one can treat the lips with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. Both the hyaluronic acid and the autologous fat injection have a limited duration, so that in the long term, further lip augmentations are necessary. There are other surgical options to alter the shape of your lips and make the vermillion look bigger and fuller.

For every operation:

Do not take blood thinning drugs such as aspirin, ASS, Plavix, Warfarin etc, 14 days before the elective surgery!

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