Gynaecological Surgery

Gynaecological Surgery. In the quest for physical perfection, pubic hair also comes into focus. The self-image of a clean and attractive external genital region is no longer a taboo subject for women, and goes far beyond the shaving of pubic hair with a razor.

About one in five women in Germany are dissatisfied with their genitals or their labia and suffer from anatomical variations or asymmetries. This asymmetry of the labia may be congenital or develop in the course of life. Too large or long inner labia, too small outer labia, an enlarged clitoris or a protruding pubic mound are all common gene variants that can be improved by the modern possibilities of plastic surgery.

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Further topics related to gynaecological surgery:
Reduction of the inner labia
Enlargement of the outer labia
Pubic Mound Correction

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