Consultations take place in the Practice rooms at Haupstrasse 463, 51443 Cologne, Germany. During the consultation you will receive detailed information and answers to your questions and requests. In this meeting it will also be explained whether an inpatient or outpatient treatment is appropriate for you. You will then receive information relevant to the required operation to take home, so you can read through everything an consider the operation in peace.

If you decide to make an intervention, we will arrange a second consultation. Here we will discuss any current questions and issues, and in the event of a major surgery we will take a blood sample. Additionally, a discussion will take place with the anaesthetist.

In the practice we also carry out smaller treatments such as Botox injections or wrinkle treatments, even for those who suffer increased perspiration of the armpits, treatments can be performed. Also clinical control after the operation and the exchange of bandages take place here.

At Lege Artis, you will be advised in peace and great detail about your procedures, questions and problems. It is, of course, crucial for us to advise you in a competent, compassionate and honest manner, even when we decide that a treatment is not appropriate for you.

We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information about aesthetic and plastic surgery on your request.

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