Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment. Laughter lines give our face expression and have a positive effect on people. Wrinkles are a sign of life, and grow in the face during the course of life. However not all wrinkles look attractive. Wrinkles can make a face look tired and exhausted. They can develop as a result of environmental conditions, work-related or private stress, or different lifestyle factors such as nicotine, etc. To differentiate are the mimic wrinkles, that may already exist in younger people, and the static wrinkles that appear more noticeable with time. They are often caused by volume depletion and by the gradual decrease in the skin in the natural ageing process. Many people feel increasingly uncomfortable with these folds. In aesthetic and plastic surgery there are some safe ways to help you identify wrinkles and have them temporarily or permanently smoothed.

At the beginning of therapy is always an extensive consultation and analysis of your needs and problem areas. The accurate and honest, jointly developed result is a prerequisite for satisfactory treatment.

Some problems can not be satisfactorily resolved in a conservative manner and may require surgical treatment. Thus, in this conversation we will discuss the various options with you to meet your individual needs accordingly. I gladly offer my many years of experience to you in a calm and detailed discussion.

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