Botulinum Treatment

BotulinumTreatment. Botulinumtoxin A inhibits the transmutation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from the nerve endings of the muscle fibre. Thus, the target muscle is no longer able to contract and the overlying skin is relaxed. This method is often used at the beginning of the wrinkle treatment to eliminate, or at least smooth facial wrinkles. This will prevent the further deepening of, or the development of new wrinkles. Initial treatment effects are visible after about 3 days. If after 14 days, the full effect of the Botulinum treatment has worked and small wrinkles can still be seen, an additional improvement can be made by feeding the folds with hyaluronic acid to optimise the result. This happens often with wrinkles that have existed for years, deeply indented in the middle of the forehead, for example.

Botulinumtoxin A provides very good opportunities to treat facial wrinkles such as horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, so-called crows feet, or wrinkles around the mouth. Botulinum treatment can also have a positive effect on tension headaches and migraines. It is also possible to weaken muscles to the extent that the they can be manipulated. This means, that specific effects such as raised eyebrows or angle of the mouth can be designed accordingly. This should not result in a mask-like face. Our main goal is to preserve your natural facial expression. Therefore, we will carefully analyse your facial muscles before treatment, and inject at specifically notes injection points.

The effect of this treatment gradually diminishes after 4-6 months. In some cases, the effect can last longer. The treatment can be carried out again without problems, wherein the intervals between treatments are often longer and longer. Intolerances, or even the production of antibodies are extremely rarely mentioned in literature, even for patients who require a larger dose of Botulinumtoxin A due to their condition (e.g. Muscle spasms). Botulinumtoxin A is therefore a very well researched, tried, tested and safe method to effectively tackle wrinkles.

Botulinum injection is also an effective treatment for excessive sweating in the armpits, soles of the feet, or palms of the hands (hyperhidrosis). I am also happy to advise you about this subject.

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